Compostable Lamizip Kraft Paper 120x180+35+30



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Order number: 474
Colour: Brown
External length: 235 mm
External width: 160 mm
Internal length: 235 mm
Internal width: 144 mm
Header: 30 mm
Bottom Gusset: 45 mm
Thickness: 80 mu
Closure: Grip Closure
Content: 1000 ml
Transparency: Non transparent
Material: Kraftpapier/PLA
Our first completely compostable DoyPack / Stand Up Pouch which is made from a combination of sustainable FSC paper and PLA.
PLA is a 100% bio based plastic (Polyactic acid – derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, sugar cane and or cassava roots) which complies fully to the EN13432/14955 specification for compostable products.

Out chosen material structure is also fully compliant to ISO norms for contacts with food products.

Once the pouch is empty simply discard it along with your garden waste in the green collection bin, made clear by the “seedling” and “OK HOME compost” logo pre-printed on the pouch.

During the production of PLA we see a 60% reduction in C02 and a 50% reduction in non-renewable resources when compared to conventional plastics such as PET (NatureWorks LCA,2014)

“The pouch is re-seable what about the zipper?” This is also made entirely of PLA – again fully compostable.

“How do I seal the pouch – we have a heat sealer” – PLA just like LDPE / Polyethylene is simple to seal using a conventional heat sealer.


Ideal for use with both food and non-food – fine powders – we advise against using with fluids – no sure if the pouch is suitable? As us for a free sample.

FSC Paper / PLA

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