Box pouch Kraft paper 1.000 gram Coffeebeans 685



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Price per 100 pieces
Order number: 685
Colour: Brown
External length: 300 mm
External width: 175 mm
Internal length: 161 mm
Internal width: 158 mm
Material: Paper/VMPET/LDPE
Bottom Gusset: 45 mm
Pattern: Kraft paper
Thickness: 152 mu
Closure: Frontzip
Transparency: Non transparent
Window: Without window
The BoxPouch is a stand up pouch which consists of 2 side gussets and a completely flat bottom gusset – maximising on volume within a confined space.
The gussets allow for additional branding or product information to be added.

Ideally suited for the likes of coffee, superfoods, muesli, protein powder etc.

The paper exterior gives the look and feel of a conventional paper bag – the layers underneath ensure a good barrier for optimal protection against moisture and vapors

Matte Silver:
The matte silver finish provides a chique look and optimal barrier protection against moisture and vapors