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Colour printing of pouches

thepouchcompany can offer as part of its tailor made service full colour printing services up to 10 colours using the latest printing methods such as Rotogravure, Flexo and now Flexo HD. After providing your artwork we will then break it down into separate colours identifying clearly where pantone colours and CMYK colours will be used and also bring to your attention any recommended changes and identify any potential problems. We can print edge to edge, in full colour, photo realisitic printing, transparency and even print on the inside of the packaging.

Why Color printing?

Color can attract and let your product standing out of the crowd, which can have a positive outcome for your company in the sense of retention. In marketing color is a powerful tool in the way of presenting your company and products. Colorful designs are impactful and can be very inspirational. You don't want to miss the opportunity to leave a colorful impression of your company and the company story. 


At thepouchcompany we love to work together with our customers we do not provide a typical run of the mill service instead we pride ourselves on providing each and every one of our customers with a professional one on one service and look to achieve a long lasting healthy business relationship.

No matter how big or small

As we love to cater for small companies, private individuals and to help launch new products we can in quantities of just 100 units offer a 1 colour printing service. This particular service we call the miniprint. Printing can be in a max of 1 colour with max dimensions 9x9cm all that is required from our customer is a vector image which we will then turn into a hot foil printing template.

Alternatively we can arrange for high quality stickers to be made which can easily be applied to the front and back of the packing, achieving a professional end result without the costly investment.

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