Boxpouch Kraft Paper + Valve 275ml 6811V



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Order number: 6811V
Recycled: No
External length: 180 mm
External width: 110 mm
Internal length: 142 mm
Internal width: 94 mm
Material: Kraft Paper 50g/PET12/EVOH-LDPE80
Bottom Gusset: 56 mm
Content: 275 ml
Valve: With valve
Side Gusset: 28 mm
DaklaPacks BoxPouch 2.0 relaunched

Our BoxPouch is a stand up pouch which consists of 2 side gussets and a completely flat bottom gusset – maximizing on volume within a confined space.
The gussets allow for additional branding or product information to be added should you wish to later decide for a fully customized solution.

Ideally suited for the likes of coffee, superfoods, muesli, protein powder etc.

Kraft Paper Exterior: The paper exterior gives the look and feel of a conventional paper bag – the layers underneath ensure a good barrier for optimal protection against moisture and vapors

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