Lamizip Kraft Paper White 895 with Window 1.750 ml 895



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Order number: 895
Colour: White
External length: 295 mm
External width: 185 mm
Internal length: 265 mm
Internal width: 175 mm
Material: Paper/PET/CPP
Thickness: 149 mu
Closure: Grip Closure
Content: 1750 ml
Transparency: Semi transparent
Lamizip pouches are suitable for products both wet and dry which demand high barrier property packaging. Made from a combination of materials to offer maximum protection against moisture air and light. Lamizip pouches are also supplied with a grip closure which can be opened and closed hundreds of times. The self supporting round bottom gusset ensures that the pouches can stand freely on retail shelving. Lamizip pouches are ideally suited for food contents wet or dry. Pharmaceutical products, biological samples, or for grow in the bag compost and seed products.