LamiZip Colour 1000ml gold matte with Valve 834V



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Order number: 834V
Colour: Gold
External length: 265 mm
External width: 160 mm
Internal length: 227 mm
Internal width: 144 mm
Material: Matte with aluminium
Bottom Gusset: 45 mm
Thickness: 149 mu
Closure: Grip Closure
Content: 1000 ml
Transparency: Non transparent
Header: 30 mm
Extra information: With tearnotches
The well known Lamizip in a new version; our Lamizip Colour. This stand up pouch has been created in different colours like gold, white, black and silver mat. The combination of these unique mat colours and the properties of the Lamizip, you will obtain a chic and contemporary packaging. Combine your Lamzip Colour with a valve and use this unique stand up pouch as a coffee bag. The valve makes sure that the gasses, like CO2, which are produced by coffee, can leave the packaging. This way, over pressure will be avoid and the coffee will stay fresh in a closed packaging.