Lamizip Frosted 250 ml 671



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Price per 100 pieces
Order number: 671
Colour: Transparent
External length: 190 mm
External width: 100 mm
Internal length: 160 mm
Internal width: 85 mm
Material: BOPP/LDPE
Bottom Gusset: 30 mm
Thickness: 120 mu
Closure: Grip Closure
Content: 250 ml
Transparency: Completely transparent
Header: 30 mm
Due to the continued success of our Lamizip range we have widened our range even further! New for 2015 our Lamizip Frosted. These stand up pouches have been created in a Matte finish that gives these bags a luxury look.

Lamizip pouches are suitable for
products both wet and dry which demand high barrier property packaging. Made from a combination of materials to offer maximum protection against moisture air and light. Lamizip pouches are also supplied with a grip closure which can be opened and closed hundreds of times. The self supporting round bottom gusset ensures that the pouches can stand freely on retail shelving.

MattBopp / LDPE

Dimensions are: width x height up to the zip closure + header + bottom gusset (A x B + C + D)