Daklasealer 310M+ with Cutter 10312



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Order number: 10312
Colour: Red
External width: 10 mm
Wattage: 400W
Transparency: Non transparent
Extra information: Length of seal bar: 30 cm, Consumption: 400 watts
The DaklaSealer is a user friendly table sealer with a convenient integrated cutter. Perfectly suited to seal our packaging closed. The DaklaSealer has an integrated magnet and temperature dial simply choose your temperature and press down the head, the magnet will hold the head down during the sealing process and will automatically pop up once the desired temperature has been
Reached giving you a perfect seal every time. Using the integrated cutting knife couldn’t be easier
simply push down and slide across the packaging to remove any unwanted excess.

Suitable for hand sealing all PE Packaging, such as our Lamigrip or Seedbag Packaging. Integrated
magnet enabling you to keep both hands free during the seal process.